A broad product line that translates into specific solutions and continuous benefit.

Each manufacturing process is unique, and Mark, relying on a multidisciplinary team with a comprehensive vision, develops innovative and efficient chemical solutions that respect the particularities of each process, whether it is the manufacture of tissue, printing and writing, graphic, packaging, specialty or molded pulp paper.

Serving the paper market in processes, effluents, and conversion, Mark has a wide range of functional and treatment chemicals that quickly follow market trends and meet the specific demands of each customer.

Adopting the concept of Solution, and considering as important the development of the best product as the identification of the most appropriate dosing point, Mark, through its specialized technical service team, designs and implements dosing and monitoring systems that respect the specific needs of the process, maximizing the product performance with the lowest consumption, optimizing the cost/benefit ratio of the program.

Relying on the structured Mark Assistance Program, our team is skilled in diagnosing, implementing, and monitoring solutions, translating into results and suggestions for improvement each piece of information collected in the process, continuously demonstrating the benefits and strengthening the relationship of trust with the Customer.