Indispensable in the finishing phase, the adhesives are essential for compliance with quality standards, innovation and use of the final product.

Mark's Masterglue™ Line covers the adhesive processes of Tissue Conversion for toilet paper, paper towels and tissues, as well as Corrugated Conversion for packaging and other purposes, ensuring optimization in yield with excellent quality and cost.


Tissue Conversion:

  • Center Wrap Adhesives (tube): allow the core production with high speed, fast drying and stable rigidity.
  • Transfer Adhesives: contemplate the transfer of the jumbo to the roll and finally to the tube, with clean processing, providing excellent release and adhesion.
  • Laminating Adhesives: excellent coupling result between sheets, without affecting the softness of the paper.
  • Tie-Down or "tail" Adhesives: give the top sheet of the roll the correct wet grip and excellent release when dry.


Corrugated Conversion:

  • Coupling Adhesives: promote adhesion between sheets to obtain the desired quality and rigidity of the cardboard sheet.
  • Lap closing stickers: they meet the various end-use specifications for closing boxes and paper packages.