Meeting the needs of the consumer market and its end use, the papers must suit the different requirements in terms of strength, whether it is a paper towel that is moistened without crumbling or a package that can support the weight of its contents without deteriorating. Added to this, the concept of sustainability has led to increased recycling of paper, and successive recyclings lead to a reduction in the original strength of the fibers.

Mark, through the Link™ line, offers Dry Resistance (RS), Wet Resistance (RU) and Temporary Wet Resistance programs, as well as Plybond (interlayer) technology, with flexibility to meet different operational resistance requirements, allowing:

  • Recovering the strength of recycled fibers
  • Reduce the need for virgin fibre
  • Reduce fresh water, starch and energy consumption
  • Minimize process variations
  • Increase the quality of the final product
  • Significantly reduce costs

Following the concept of sustainability and meeting the regulatory requirements for food contact paper, Mark stands out in the supply of second generation Wet Resistance Agents (RU 2G), through its own development and manufacturing technology.