The manufacturing process of each sheet of paper takes into account its end use, whether it is paper for contact with food and beverages, for printing and writing, or for packaging, it must be prepared to resist contact with various agents, allow the correct penetration of adhesives in the production of boxes and envelopes, or not deform when exposed to inks in printing processes.

Mark's Bind™ line of Bonding Agents is broad, efficient and innovative, offering different technologies for Internal and Surface Bonding, AKD-based or hybrid, that besides taking into account the requirements of the end use of the sheet, also act in the best machine runnability and performance, being highly cost competitive.

The Bind DSS Surface Bonding Line, in addition to operational benefits such as excellent resistance to mechanical stress, porosity control, improved printability, among others, adds sustainability, meeting Anvisa and FDA regulations for use in papers in contact with food.